Chronic anxiety is at an all-time high

High rates of chronic anxiety from personal and professional stressors limit our capacity to handle the everyday challenges we face.

  • Flexibility is here to stay
  • Transitioning into hybrid workspaces or back into the office
  • Retaining good employees
  • Companies and teams forced to do more with less
  • Grocery prices are skyrocketing
  • Inflation is rising
  • Increasingly volatile political stress

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

  • Social skills are necessary to guide and influence people toward desired outcomes. 
  • Self-awareness enables you to know your strengths, weaknesses, values, and the impact you have upon others. Self-aware leaders are confident, receptive to constructive criticism, and build self-aware teams.
  • Empathy implies having an insight into the emotional state of others. Empathy has specific applications in business; including sensitivity to cross-cultural differences, retaining top talent, hiring outstanding employees, and the ability to help people develop professionally.
  • Self-management empowers you to regulate your emotions in order to solve the problem in front of you. A self-regulating leader stays connected to desired outcomes without the distractions of frustration or panic.
  • Motivation comes from within for the emotionally intelligent. A motivated, emotionally-intelligent individual has the confidence and capacity to work independently and in teams.

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Melissa Ekben

Founder and CEO
Melissa Ebken, Light Life and Love Ministries

Through her 25 years as a pastor, Melissa is a trained facilitator in Emotional Family Systems through Healthy Congregations and trained in Transformative Mediation through the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center. She works with nonprofits to resolve internal conflicts and establish healthy systems and structures, and with nurses to establish healthy boundaries and to build emotional resilience.

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