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Are you ready to overcome all the fears and the anxiety that holds you back from realizing your dreams?

Are you ready to lean into all that makes you uncomfortable so you can accomplish your goals, realize your dreams, and create the life you've always wanted for yourself?

You are in the right place!

✴️ You will find the podcast downloads here in the Hub.

✴️ You will also see additional resources designed to support you as you lean into the difficult and uncomfortable work in your life.

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✻ All your "stuff" is in this hub

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✻ Podcast Downloads are in here

Pursuing Uncomfortable: Coaching Membership

Get comfortable with uncomfortable! Lean into those things that make you uncomfortable and watch how obstacles & barriers disappear. This is how you achieve your dreams. Start today.

Pursuing Uncomfortable: Self-Paced Program

Interested in getting comfortable with uncomfortable? Ready to lean into those things that make you uncomfortable and watch how obstacles & barriers disappear? This is for you. This is how you achieve your dreams.

Pivotal Life Decisions

Have a hard time making big decisions? This course is for YOU! This course will help you lean into the hard stuff and make pivotal decisions to set you on the path to a great life. 

Emotional Intelligence: The Complete Guide

This eBook contains proven steps you can take to improve your emotional intelligence and enjoy more fulfillment in life.

Dealing With Adversity

This eBook contains tips and strategies to improve your resilience to adversity and enjoy more fulfillment in life.

Fruits of the Spirit

Discover how to nurture your spirit for ultimate freedom and well-being.

Fit To Forgive

Learn the tools, tips, and strategies to understand and manage your emotions so you can let go of the negative stuff and embrace the life you want. 

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